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A life worth living is a life worth examining. 

We all know that in business or medicine we must examine what we do for our customers or patients.  We must continue to improve our systems, ideas, and the way we take care of our team and our customers. 

We say things such as:

“Nothing gets better by ignoring it.” 

“Sometimes we need to work IN our business, and sometimes we need to work ON our business.”

“What gets measured, gets improved.”

We incorporate things like values, mission, goals, strategy, key performance indicators, critical drivers, and key results areas.

We have implemented grand rounds, CQI (or whatever the flavor of the month is called), quarterly evaluations, and constant improvement. 

We have ongoing training, CMEs, leadership training, procedure labs, and conferences. 

We ensure our employees and interns get mentors, on-boarding, training, critiques, and reviews. 

It goes without saying that we KNOW we must constantly work on, evaluate, and improve. Why, then, would we not think this is true for our OWN lives?  Why would we not create a plan for self-improvement and personal development, or as we call it in Gladiator, sharpening the saw?

If we apply the above concepts to our personal lives we should be talking like this:

Sometimes we need to work IN our lives, but sometimes we need to step back and work ON our lives.

We should have values, missions, goals, and strategies in our lives for where we want to go and what we want to become. This should include key performance indicators, key results areas, and critical drivers.

We should have “ground rounds” and performance evaluations of ourselves to see how we are doing. 

We should spend time and money on self-improvement books, seminars, and training. 

We should find mentors, teachers, and trainers in all areas of self-improvement. 

Imagine that life!  A life where you have decided exactly where you are going and how you are going to get there.  This means in your health, wealth, relationships, leadership, education, mental, and spiritual.  A life examined and constantly improved. 

In order to do this, you need a roadmap, a tool, a plan. 

I have designed the Living Every Minute Journal Planner with exactly this in mind. It will help guide you to create a plan and follow it.  It will help you to evaluate each day, week, and month to ensure you are on track.  It will help you to set up key performance indicators and critical drivers to reach your goals. 

I have tried almost every planning and journaling system over the years and none of them quite got it. This one gets it. 

It is not about planning; it is about creating spectacular. 

Go to and order yours today. 

It will help you:

  • Create goals in a way that actually works!
  • Plan your year, month, weeks, and days to keep yourself in a spectacular life 
  • Find and create magic moments. 
  • Create mastery in the areas that matter most in your life.
  • Plan for key performance indicators and critical drivers for the six pillars of mastery. 
  • Create a method of journaling that means something when you are done. 
  • And so much more!

Living Every Minute,

Tim Reynolds, M.D.

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