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COVID Education

COVID has created a lot of confusion for people.  Confusion for patients, confusion for the media, and confusion for people knowing what to do or not do.  Depending on who you listen to, COVID-19 is either the worst plague that has ever hit humanity or it is just a mild virus and everything is over-blown. …

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Don’t Be a Social Media Addict

I am addicted to social media. Not like the “Here’s a selfie of me doing nothing” kind, but a worse kind. I’m the “I can’t get enough news about the news and people talking about the news” kind. It’s destroying my intellect. I have been obsessed over the last couple months with the current topics…

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Let Your Heroes Be Fallible: Tony Robbins #metoo

There has been a recent outpouring of hate and support for Tony Robbins about an intervention he did at a recent Unleash the Power Within (UPW) in San Jose. Many of the critical think he went too far in his intervention and bullied and intimidated the woman who was representing the #metoo movement. Others say…

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