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The Myth of Work Life Balance

There were many years early on in adulthood where I felt like my life was out of balance. Despite the strongest efforts and best of intentions, I couldn’t ever get it so that each area of my life got equal amounts of attention. It seemed like an impossible task to give absolutely everything the energy…

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New Year, New Planner

Hey everyone, good morning! I’m here doing my hour of power this morning. I just got done with my workout this morning and now I’m in here working. It’s the beginning of January. The beginning of 2020. Crazy, right? It’s a new year and a new decade, so it’s a good time for me to…

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Action vs. Intention

Why do we judge others on what they do and judge ourselves on our intentions? It’s a great question and applies both to the things we do that we shouldn’t have and the things we should have done that we don’t. For example, Mary is late to work every day. We judge her based on…

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