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Healthy Mind, Happy Life

When people think of their health and wellness, all too often, the mental aspect of life gets de-prioritized. In fact, some may not even consider their mind as an important part of their health.  Here at Living Every Minute, we celebrate mental wellness’ root cause status, as it is the main factor in making the decision to take…

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Emotions & Logic

Everyone dreaded Morbidity & Mortality Conference when I was a medical student and resident.  Usually it consisted of someone presenting a case in which, they the doctors, or the system screwed up. It was a LONG hour for the person presenting as they were taken to task over their diagnosis and treatment of the patient. …

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Love: The Greatest Emotion?

How do you love a homeless person? How do you love a child? How do you love a patient? How do you love a customer?   The answer to each of these is that we love them by serving them. We love them by taking care of them. We don’t wait to “feel” love for…

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