COVID Education

COVID has created a lot of confusion for people.  Confusion for patients, confusion for the media, and confusion for people knowing what to do or not do.  Depending on who you listen to, COVID-19 is either the worst plague that has ever hit humanity or it is just a mild virus and everything is over-blown. …

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Don’t Let Injuries Stop Your Health

Once when my kids were younger,  I dislocated my shoulder playing hide and seek. Now before you start laughing (I know – too late) let me explain… We were playing a serious game of hide-and-seek-in-the-dark. I was trying to pull myself up to a shelf where I could lay down and hide. As I got…

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Food = Zone and Exercise = Tone

Have you ever got on the scale and thought damn I need to get back to the gym? Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what you need to do to change your diet? I’ve been thinking about this. When do you know which lever to pull? Is this a diet problem or…

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