The Key to Abundance

The world can be a crazy place.  

Many times, we are taught something our whole lives that just is not true. 

For example, most of us were raised with the unfortunate belief that the blessings of the world, things like money, talent, love, and joy are limited resources. 

Many believe that if someone has more, that means someone else must have less.  So, we have emotions like jealousy, fear, and anger that someone got more than “their fair share”.  

But the true state of being is that there is more than enough to go around for everyone.  The key to abundance is understanding that your relationship to it is controlled by your perspective.

Wealth creates more wealth.

Abundance creates more abundance. 

It’s not like a pie, where we each get a slice.  And if my slice is bigger than yours, you get less.  The reality is, if I help you create a bigger slice then that enhances and enlarges mine also. 

Expressing my talent encourages others to do the same and we both reap the benefit. 

The more love I share with the world, the more it comes back to me.  The more joyful I am in my life, the more joy I give to others.  

If you were raised with the thought or the idea that someone having something means there is less for you, I would challenge you to re-think those thoughts.  Take some time and see if that is really the experience you have had in this world. 

Take time today to feel the abundance around you.  Take time to enjoy the world you live in right now.  Be present.  Be grateful.  You do not have to “settle” for where you are…but where you are is an amazing place.

Look around your current world and think about what you can be grateful for.   Your health, love, friends, sunshine, running water, family or whatever abundance and joy you have in your life.  

Now from this place of gratitude, decide what you would like this day to look like.  How will you share your gifts with others?  

What will you do today to make the world a better place?  How will the world be grateful, you were alive today?   Now go do THAT thing.

Living Every Minute!

Dr Tim

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