I Will no longer tolerate…

This “process” has changed how I show up in this world my friends. About three years ago I was attending/speaking at the Medical Practice Summit in Dallas and a friend, mentor, colleague, and fellow speaker – Dr. Tim Reynolds – encouraged the crowd to create an “I will no longer tolerate” list for their business and life. (Download here) I took on that challenge.
And the very first thing I wrote down has completely changed my life.
#1 Because I wrote it down.
#2 Because I have been committed to living up to it.
Anyone can think about a commitment.  Anyone can talk about a commitment.  Success, happiness, and results happen in your life when you LIVE UP TO YOUR COMMITMENTS. That statement was the following: I WILL NO LONGER TOLERATE TECHNOLOGY TO RUN MY LIFE. Do I still use my technology?  Absolutely, yet it doesn’t run my life. There are many benefits to technology my friends, unfortunately those “benefits” are now taking you away from some of the most important people and things in your life – your friends, your family, and your dreams. Do you want to be remembered as the best user of technology the world has ever known?
Do you want your kids to remember how much time mommy or daddy was on their phone/computer? Do you want to continue to “go out” with friends and family and look around the table to see everyone on some form of technology? Or do you want to be remembered as someone that brought positive energy to this world while caring and connecting with the people all around them? I am not saying to throw away your technology, I am requesting that you begin the journey of managing the time and energy you and the people around you spend on it.  It is all a choice my friends.
With HEART and in service to your success, 

Brandon W. Johnson 
“Positive Energy Guy”

Be You.  Lead from your Heart.  Make a Difference.

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